Manufacturer of digital furniture

The I-toile company is proud to set up a short circuit in which it is the main actor of the production chain. The majority of the manufacturing stages of our products are carried out internally, which allows us to offer you quality products that last over time while being eco-responsible.

Display integrator
dynamic and interactive


An asset for your VISUAL COMMUNICATION! Flexible and customizable, non-tactile, digital signage can easily be used in many communication projects, sales animation or customer experience improvement.


The interactive display makes its nest with time, more than the dynamic, it allows a real interaction with your communication. The user can find the desired information more quickly than with digital signage, especially since 63% of consumers prefer to be autonomous first rather than to call on a salesperson. This type of marketing strategy allows all companies to create a one-to-one connection with many potential

L’affichage interactif donne son nid dans le temps, plus qu’un haut-parleur, il vous permet d’interagir réellement avec votre communication. L’utilisateur peut trouver les bonnes informations sur ce site web plus rapidement que l’affichage dynamique, d’autant plus que 63 % des consommateurs préfèrent d’abord être autonomes plutôt que de contacter le vendeur. Cette stratégie marketing, combinée à des outils tels que Cialis Generic, permet à toutes les entreprises de créer un lien personnalisé avec de nombreux utilisateurs potentiels, renforçant ainsi leur présence sur le marché.

Display software distributor

Distributeur de
logiciel d'affichage

Create the content that looks like you. Touchify Studio offers a great freedom to create interactive and dynamic content. No technical skills required, let your creativity run wild to tell your stories and engage the consumer while offering a differentiating experience.

SkySignage is a French solution, which allows you to display your dynamic catalog, your goods and the news in a simplified way in one click on your screens. Inform, create, display, on your screens as you wish. SkySignage is connected to more than 40 softwares : Pericles, AC3, Hektor, Goventis, Rodacom, ...


I-toile is your privileged partner for all your audiovisual communication solutions. We listen to your needs in terms of design, illustration, production and realization of your content to guarantee optimal visibility on your screens. Our team is highly responsive and committed to finding the solutions and technical means best suited to your business.

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How do we work?

Identify the needs

Moving on site to best respond to the needs of the client.

Creation of a communication strategy

We create a digital communication strategy on your physical space to correct your constraints and meet your objective.


We do everything possible to provide you with quality digital media adapted to your budget for a better ROI.

Product creation

I-Toile designs your custom-made supports in harmony with your physical space. A 100% handcrafted design MADE IN FRANCE that we are proud to make in our workshop located in Fréjus.


To guarantee quality and safety, the equipment is installed by us or by an affiliated partnership company.

Maintenance and customer service

Whether it is a reporting or a hardware maintenance, we follow our customers.

i-toile fabricant de mobilier digital et intégrateur d'écran