Improve your customers' experience

Why ?

Why do you want to create a digital strategy? Why increase the customer experience? What is the purpose? What results do they bring to improve this experience?  

How do we do it?

How do you see your project and with what support? What will be its format? What to publish on my digital media? Lease them, or buy them? 


Where to install digital screens? Inside? Outside? At the entry or at the exit? low traffic area ? In the animation zone? At the reception ? Where in your show room? 

show room ekoi

Our solutions

Before any project we advise you to read our recommendations to determine your need and your objective. 

86% of consumers would be willing to pay up to 25% more for a better shopping experience.

The in-store customer experience is a success factor for retailers. It influences consumers' purchasing decisions and their loyalty. Many retailers have been able to propose an original and innovative approach to surprise their customers.

In this new era of consumption and to meet the habits of the most connected generations, it is essential to rely on a strategy linking the two worlds of physical and digital. Make sure you offer your customers a smooth experience that accompanies them throughout the buying process by leveraging multi-channel. Remember that customers are looking for connected experiences where the physical and the digital coexist in the same journey. By respecting these conditions you will obtain a strategy that phygitale to help you accomplish your business goals.

81% Consumers who are emotionally engaged will promote the brand to those around them and invest more.

To meet the constant demand, many products are adapted to your needs.

On the interactive part, not to mention customized, our terminals are integrated with a powerful software, which will sublimate your products in 360 degrees or in 3D. This allows a relocation of the product on the shelf, a preview but also inform on all the availabilities not present in the store. A real added value to retail for the promotion of a new product or for the information of its use.

A trend in stores and in the world of cosmetics that facilitates the selection of its sizes, validate its basket, check availability or have a rendering on ourselves, without even having to unfold a tidy sweater.

These digital experiences will get people talking about you and increase your brand image and of course your traffic. See your customizable products in XXL on a wall, striking messages or interchangeable decorations, with a wall of LEDs your most creative ideas are feasible.

Thanks to the LED wall, your wildest and most creative ideas can be realized. See its customizable products in XXL on a wall with striking messages or interchangeable decoration.

For a science fiction effect, we market and install 3D hologram projectors that allow you to put forward a 3D modeled product or even a projection of a virtual person! Other solutions of holographic displays said to be made to measure are offered to you and that we will be proud to reveal to you during an appointment.

They are not the only ones to make their futuristic effects, we market transparent OLED screens. A less energy consuming technology that can be adapted to several projects, notably in a window, in a reception area or for the personalization of a product.

91% of respondents find that it transmits modernity and innovation


miroir à écran tactile
miroir à écran tactile
I-TOILE offers you several screens for different professions and ordinary needs:

A simple and effective design that integrates into all public areas as a sales support tool, product customization, e-catalogue or a source of information and reception. 

It is particularly used in: retail, museums, tourist offices, small and medium-sized businesses, events...

Function Product and/or company presentation, interactive ordering, ordering kiosk, product personalization, reception kiosk.

interactive table or piece of furniture equipped with a screen and a tray that links your referenced product and publishes on the screen the audiovisual content or a description associated with the product.

Display in a store, in a meeting room, in a reception area or in a showroom.

Function Product presentation, interactive control, company presentation.

This interactive mirror display, mural, offers you the possibility of diffusing your products in an intuitive way.

Display in a store, in a meeting room, in a reception area or in a showroom.

Function: Product presentation, interactive control, company presentation.

Its modern and ergonomic design allows the display to be combined with multiple adhesive LEDs to create giant LED walls in any business environment. In addition, the display eliminates any potential image distortion and offers a more immersive viewing experience. The audience can get clear and accurate information regardless of the layout or location.

Designed for all business sectors: SMEs, SMIs, large-scale distribution, tourist offices, town halls, retails, pharmacies, banks, real estate agencies, concessions, shopping centers, buildings, etc.

Function Product and/or company presentation.

Our holographic and modular displays can be installed on a stand, on a ceiling or wall support. It can be additional to exploit a larger surface.

Installed in retail (at the checkout or on the shelf, in a show room or for trade shows), in restaurants, hotels or events.

3D product presentation function, 3d hologram.

Why choose us?

Identify the needs

Moving on site to best respond to the needs of the client.

Development of a communication strategy

We create a digital communication strategy on your physical space to correct your constraints and answer your objective.


We make every effort to provide you with quality digital media and adapted to your budget for a good return.


To assure you quality and security, the equipment is installed by us or by an affiliated partner team.

Content management

Our marketing team is ready to create and illustrate dynamic or interactive content in web, photo or video media.

Maintenance and customer service

The after sales service is essential. Whether it is a reporting or a hardware maintenance, we follow our customers.